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CRINET (CRIsis NETwork), sometimes rendered CRYNET, is a Sirian technology intended for use in the immediate aftermath of major crises such as natural disasters.


Based on a still classified military system, CRINET consists of a swarm of drones carrying transmitters suitable for all sorts of telecoms and navigational signals, with priority being given to first responders' transmissions (though the system can support a very high level of traffic). This ensures that survivors can be both found easily and find out what is happening, whilst also allowing rescuers to coordinate with each other. The system can even create a map of survivor locations by tracking the locations of phone calls and so on.

The drones are of a very energy efficient, relatively inexpensive type, being designed to loiter at high altitude to cover as wide an area as possible. Another useful aspect is that CRINET can be used to transmit emergency messages to the populace, giving them instructions on how best to handle an emergency situation. Every planet in the Sirian Union has at least one CRINET drone swarm on stand-by, and usually more in order to ensure complete coverage and redundancy in the network. CRINET also includes a self-test function, which allows it to diagnose issues with the network's full range of capabilities.

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