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Jiptohr Empire
Motto: "Guided by Strength and Wisdom"
Anthem: Glory to Our Home
Demonym: Jiptohri
Capital: Jiptohr
Largest Planet: Ankaraht
Form of
Leader: Sandules Nanan XX
Governing Body: Compact
Established: 2824
Territory: 8 star systems
Population: 11,000,000,000
Currency: Sezik

The Jiptohr Empire (also known simply as Jiptohr) is an interstellar monarchy centered around the planet Jiptohr and populated largely by the Jiptohr species.

The Jiptohr Empire is a descendant of the Mugsoon Kingdom, the first interstellar nation of the Jiptohri. The Jiptohr Empire was one several successor states that emerged following Mugsoon's collapse during the Dark Age. Under the leadership of Sadules Nanan I, Jiptohr was united once more and recovered its stability. After consolidating power in the Mugsoon System, Emperor Carthec initiated a series of military campaigns to bring all the Jiptohri colonies back under one government. The Jiptohri Wars of Unification ended 34 years later with the Jiptohr Empire consolidating its control. A peaceful period followed, which was in turn followed by the resuming of outward expansion until contact with the Bolaemia Bureaucracy, Solar Republic, Norb Network, and Angel Sector halted further colonization in that direction. Disputed claims over certain systems has resulted in several border incidents. 

Jiptohr is a heavily militarized nation with universal conscription. Much of the nation's economic and scientific resources are geared towards supporting the armed forces. The nation's late contact with other galactic entities has stunted its economic power but raw materials such as metals and flora, as well as research and development concerning military technology form the basis of its trade relations.

The Jiptohr Empire claims over 8 fully inhabited star systems and 19 populated planets. It borders the Solar RepublicBolaemia Bureaucracy, and Norb Network as well as the restricted Angel Sector.


Jiptohr is the name of the Jiptohri world of origin. When Sandules Nanan made himself emperor, he named his new state after the planet as a means of declaring it the legitimate successor to Mugsoon and to which all Jiptohri owed their allegiance.


By 2600 Mugsoon ruled over four star systems but the coming of the Dark Age disrupted communications between the far flung colonies and the homeworld, which had been thrown into chaos following what is believed to have been a massive solar flare disrupting Jiptohr's electronic grid. The capital fell into anarchy soon afterwards and the Kingdom dissolved.

Sandulas Nanan I, as he appears on Jiptohri currency.

The Jiptohr Empire first made contact with the Known Galaxy in 3220, when it attacked Kaladian and Norb territories and initiated the Perimeter War.


Jiptohr is an absolute monarchy, ruled by an emperor.

Foreign Relations[]