Life Beyond with Liikuni-met-Kaanta-Loren is a television documentary series from the Ashkathi Union, starring Ashkathi wildlife expert Liikuni-met-Kaanta-Loren, first airing in 3552. In Life Beyond, Liikuni travels to planets across the Known Galaxy to document the diverse plant and animal species native to those planets, as well as to spread awareness of environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. In addition, he interviews experts who specialize in studying the biosphere of the planet in question.

The show was a smash success in the Ashkathi Union, with a second season being planned to begin filming in 3555. It airs in the Galactic Nations headquarters, Tranquility, as part of the International Education Channel's line-up.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1
Episode Number Episode Name
1 Larine: Into the Depths
2 Siria: Forests in the Moonlight
3 Heiwa: Life on the Wing
4 Zaphnath and Paaneah: Crowns of the Empire
5 Seralon and Tapia: The Pacifica Water Worlds
6 Kethib: Deep Beneath the Dunes
7 Earth: Cradle of Humanity
8 Sibuya, Nala Protorin, and Bolsachika: The Three Brothers
9 Akanda, Remia and Elas: The Izeran Garden Worlds
10 Pulatec: The Hidden Jungle