The Cradle Datacore Wiki
Species: Ashkathi
Nation: Ashkathi Union
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 7, 3494 (Age 61 in human years)
Homeworld: Larine
Hair color: None
Eye color: Yellow
Relatives: Nalas-met-Kaian-Datoraake (Elder sister)

Galaki-met-Kaian-Kaafa (Younger brother)

Kisa-met-Kaian-Koketale (Younger sister)

Tunta-met-Kaian-Ikale (Younger sister)

Position: Navigator

Maros-met-Kaian-Taasa is the Ashkathi navigator currently serving aboard the Caroline, a Verandi transport ship.

Maros was born on Larine to a high-class family of scholars. Even from a young age, Maros had a good sense of direction and a love of the outdoors. He would always look up at the sky, and see Ashkathi ships leaving Larine, wondering where they were going and how he could get there. Filled with a deep sense of wanderlust, he used his scholarly upbringing to discover all that he could about other worlds and systems.

When he graduated from the Ashkathi equivalent of college, he had grown so knowledgeable about geography on Larine alone that he had soon begun to direct trade routes on the planet. The High Council took notice of this and offered him a chance he could never refuse— the chance to be the navigator on a starship.

He took the job, as chief navigator aboard the Ashkathi-manned ship Naladaan, a Thaande-class freighter. He worked there as a navigator for about 10 years before the crew was decommissioned to make way for newer ship advances. Disappointed and with nowhere to turn, he soon found a calling for crewmen on the Caroline, and within a few months, Maros got the job as navigator on that ship as well.