Norbstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Neo de Janeiro, Prautes, part of the Norb Network. It emerged in the late 3160's as a development within a lineage of related musical styles that had been introduced by Verandi immigrants. When various personal computers and media devices were being analyzed to facilitate communication with Norb systems, various percussive electronic music genres were found to be the simplest to synthesize natively on Norb hardware due to its technological origins.

The earliest norbstep releases date back to 3162, and were usually covertly added to music playlists under fake Verandi band names when residents of Prautes upgraded the software on their telephones, computers, and other personal devices. It was also the default music played by elevators and Norb Fiestas. These tracks were less rhythmic, darker, had more emphasis on artificial vocals, and attempted to incorporate elements of breakbeat, drum and bass, reggae, jungle, and country.

Coming around to a full circle, norbstep would become a major influence in Verandi spectral show, leading to the development of the Norb Style of performance.

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